Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekly Workout Summary

Monday (10/15) - gah! what a slow start - but hey, atleast I managed to roll out of bed

Ran Outside - 4.5 miles / 43:54
City Walking - 2.0 miles

Tuesday (10/16) - dragged myself out of bed to make it to Nike Training Club at the gym. Got to class and the teacher didn't show up! Total bummer! A buddy from class and I decided since we were already at the gym, we might as well stay and do something. We spent about 30 minutes on the treadmill and then made a pathetic attempt to recreate some boot camp moves - mainly we worked on abs and triceps.

Ran on Treadmill - 3.19 miles / 30:01
Abs & Triceps
City Walking - 4.0 miles

Wednesday (10/17) - well I didn't really get out of bed, so I just walked to/from work/school.

City Walking - 3.5 miles

Thursday (10/18) - Second attempt of the week for Nike Training Club. Luckily the substitute instructor showed up this time. Not as good as the regular instructor, but got a rockin' core workout. Gotta love the planks!

City Walking - 4.7 miles

Friday (10/19) - Yay, my favorite day of the week. Forgot my headphones at work, so this was my first real run with no music. I was surprised at how well it went. I didn't get bored or have any crazy fights with my mind, it was quite a nice run.

Ran Outside - 5.14 miles / 50:15
City Walking - 6.5 miles

Saturday (10/20)- my long runs used to be on Sunday - but think Saturday is the better day. Tried running again without music, I think it's growing on me. Made it 9 miles in silence, then turned on Pandora so I could pound out the last few miles.

Ran Outside - 10.94 miles / 1:50:17
City Walking - 1.5 miles

Sunday (10/21) - just some light city walking

City Walking - 1.5 miles

Runs: 23.77 miles
Walking: 23.7 miles

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