Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekly Workout Summary

This week had some ups and downs, but I felt really good about my workouts. Tuesday was overall a crappy day and Thursday and Friday I was traveling for work - but even on my trip I was able to get in a good run (a really boring treadmill run, but still good).

Overall, my goal this week was to up my training for the upcoming half marathon that is now just a short 3 weeks away. I didn't make it to either of my bootcamp classes at the gym, but I hit my goal of running 25 miles. On each of my runs, I tried to focus on pace and work extra hard on the hill climbs.

Since I live in the city, I do a lot of walking. Walk to work, lunch, stores, the movies, etc. I try and keep track of how much I walk each day and mark it on my calendar in addition to my regular workouts.

Sunday 10/7
City Walking: 4.5 miles

Monday 10/8
Ran Outside: 5.04 miles / 48:31
City Walking: 2 miles

Tuesday: 10/9
City Walking: 4.5 miles

Wednesday: 10/10
Ran Outside: 5.01 miles / 47:23
City Walking: 2.5

Friday: 10/12
Ran on Treadmill: 5.01 / 49:33 (this was a really boring run!)
City Walking: 2 miles

Saturday: 10/13
Ran Outside: 10.26 miles / 1:42:33
City Walking: 2 miles

Runs: 25.32 miles
Walking: 17.5 miles

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