Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weekly Workout Summary

Um, how is it already Tuesday night?! Meant to post this Sunday, but was feeling lazy and then I had class last night. So here we are, Tuesday.

Don't you just love 3-day weekends! I feel like Monday was a free day, all my weekend obligations fullfilled and this was an extra day just for me.

Ran Outside: 2 miles
Bikram Yoga: 90 minutes
Plank: 1:09.0
Walk: 2.5 miles

Getting back into my boot camp streak. My foot was kind of bothering me, so I took it easy on the jumping portions - didn't want to accidently land funny and further irritate my foot. After class went over to the treadmill - wasn't quite ready to break my runstreak, but I jumped off less than 3 minutes in. It was not pretty. I was feeling better after work, so made it out for a quickie.

Boot Camp: 60 min
Ran Outside: 1.05 miles
Plank: 1:20.2
Walk: 4.5 miles

Tried to be conservative with the miles this week so as to give my foot a break - without really giving it a break.

Ran Outside: 2.86 miles
Plank: 1:10.1
Walk: 1.5 miles

Wore my compression socks to bed last night, foot was feeling okay in the  morning. Again, tried to skip out on the jumping and crazy agility drills in boot camp. After class went for a slow jog on the treadmill.

Boot Camp: 60 min
Ran on TM: 1.01 miles (10:01/mi)
Plank: 1:02.4

Foot was finally feeling better! Yay! Had a half day from work, so I slept in and saved the run for the afternoon.

Ran Outside: 4.2 miles (9:27/mi)
Walk: 2.5 miles

I joined in the Pamakids / Kieser Training Run through the Sports Basement again. It was a little chilly when I left the house, but once I got running it was gorgeous. The course for this run was different from last week and we ran through Chrissy Field, over the Golden Gate Bridge and into Sausalito. Heading into Sausalito was great, because there was a great decline, BUT the climb back up to the bridge was pretty brutal. I'm really proud of this run as I actually ran the WHOLE way - even up hill and through the hard parts! So excited for the race next week - I feel a PR coming!

Ran Outside: 11.77 miles (9:41/mi)
Walk: 3 miles

Felt pretty good considering Saturday's run was long and hilly. Got in a short run and spent the rest of the day chillaxing.

Ran Outside: 2.11 miles
Plank: 1:13.6

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  1. Not a bad week! You got a little of everything in there!