Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekly Workout Summary

How has half of January come and gone already. 2013 is flying by!! I'm going to try and be more diligent about posting my weekly workouts. I felt pretty good about my workouts this week, happy to have gotten in a few strength training sessions. Kaiser Half Marathon and Tough Mudder are just around the corner. Eek!

Ran Outside: 2.76 miles (9:37/mi)
Plank: 1:02.7
Walk: 3.5 miles

It's been really cold the past few weeks, I feel like this has been the coldest winter I've had in San Francisco....or maybe it's the first winter I've gone outside before 8am.

Boot Camp: 60 min
Ran TM: 1.25 miles
Plank: 1:00.6
Walk: 4.0 miles

Finally made it to Nike Training Club (a.k.a. Boot Camp) at the gym. I dragged myself out of bed last Thursday only to arrive and see that class was cancelled. The last class I went to was probably the week leading up to Christmas - so needless to say, this workout kicked my butt!

To keep up with my RunStreak - I headed over to the treadmill after class and knocked out a quick 1.25 miles.

Ran Outside: 4.0 miles (8:48/mi)
Plank: 1:17.7
Walk: 2.5 miles

I was dragging my feet and didn't get out the door until close to 6:30, I was going to keep the run short (2 miles), but I was feeling really good, so I went for 4 instead.

Boot Camp: 60 min
Run TM: 1.5 miles
Plank: 1:02.6
Walk: 3.0 miles

With the Tough Mudder just 5.5 weeks away, skipping Boot Camp is not an option for the next month. I'm confident my legs are strong enough to carry me through, but ask my to lift myself over a 12 foot wall and I'm not so sure. For the second time this week, I got my my butt kicked - but I wouldn't have traded that for the extra hour of sleep.

Again after class, headed over to the treadmill to get in my mini run. Logged 1.5 miles.

Run Outside: 3.23 (8:47/mi)
Plank: 1:06.2
Walk 3.0 miles

Legs were a little tired, so was pretty conservative with this run. Didn't want to burn out before my 10 mile run on Saturday.

Ran Outside: 10 miles  (9:29/mi)
Walk: 4 miles

10-mile training run with Sports Basement and Pamakids. I had a great time on this run and it was in good company. I finally found a running club to join - yay!

Ran TM: 1.0 mile
3 sets on the circuit (arms & legs)
Bench press: 45lbs

Decided to take it easy on the legs (and feet yesterday). Jogged a slow mile on the treadmill as warm up, then just went through the circuit and did some chest presses. The side of my right foot was bothering me, so after the gym I made sure to elevate and ice...hoping it's not anything serious.


  1. Thanks! I made sure to keep it up yesterday afternoon, we'll see how it feels today.

  2. Tough Mudder is great! Just get through it without getting injured. The terrain at mine tore up my knees, but I wouldn't take it back! Great workouts!