Monday, April 15, 2013

Dreams and Prayers for Boston

I woke up this morning not dreading the fact that it was Monday, but excited because it was Boston Marathon day. It's like a national holiday for runners. I've only been running for a year, but it doesn't take long for a runner to start dreaming of the day they will make it to Boston. It's been on my bucket list for quite some time.

I spent my walk to work this morning with my head down, refreshing my twitter stream every 12 seconds to see the latest updates from the race and dreaming of the day I would get to be there. So many inspiring stories, so many talented runners. I could feel the energy even though I was thousands of miles away.

Then at lunch, I read the horrible news and felt my heart breaking. Runners train for months, even years to make it to Boston, and what happened today was unimaginable.

My heart goes out to the City of Boston, the runners, spectators and volunteers affected. This is truly a sad day for the running community.

Tomorrow's run will be for Boston.

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