Saturday, March 9, 2013

100 Days of Running

I pulled out my computer about an hour ago so I could start writing this post. Why does the internet facebook have to be so distracting. Doesn't it know I'm trying to get things done?

Today was a huge milestone in my short, but sweet running career. Today marked the 100th day of my runstreak. You heard read that right. I have run (1+ miles) every day for the last 100 days. My journey started on Thanksgiving. I woke up that morning and ran a 5K - it felt great to be active on a day that's synonymous with stuffing your face. Later that day, I saw a feed on twitter mentioning the Runner's World #Runstreak. It was a challenge to run everyday from Thanksgiving to New Year's. I thought that was a cool challenge and I would give it a go. Things were going great, then on the 4th day, I got the stomach flu. Gross! After I was feeling better I decided I would start over and challenge myself to run every day in the month of December. I still felt this would be a challenge, with all the holiday madness and delicious baked goods lurking around every corner - it would be good to stay active. 

Well New Year's came and went and I thought - oh if I go another 8 days I'll hit 40. The on day 40 I was like, you're soooo close to 50, let's try for that. And now here we are on day 100! I am proud of this accomplish - there are very few things I can say that I have done consecutively for any amount of time, you know, except the essentials; eating, sleeping, showering, etc.

I have learned a lot on my 100 day journey. I feel it's definitely made me a stronger runner. I've learned to listen to my body - if it's tired or sore, I take it easy and only run a mile. If I'm feeling good (like today) I push myself a little harder. I've also learned that there is always time to do something for yourself, no matter how busy life may be. 

I'm not sure if I'm going to give up the streak or keep it going. Just going to go day by day and see where I end up. I've done some research and there are runners out there who have been running daily for years, decades even! I think it would be great to go for a year, but we'll see...

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Also, apologies for not posting for weeks. February was crazy - I owe recaps for the Chinese New Year 10K and Tough Mudder AZ. Hopefully those will come in a few days. 

Do you have a runstreak going? Have you ever done something every day for 100, 50, 20 days?  

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